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Before you fill in one of our entry forms, please pay attention to:

copyright terms

1. The maker declares that he/she has the copyright of the work and should be regarded as the sole maker;

2. The maker allows The One Minutes foundation to use his/her one minute movie for non-commercial activities* organized or promoted by The One Minutes foundation;

3. All activities will have to include the logo The One Minutes and a reference to The One Minutes foundation, including the logos of the partner organizations;

4. Activities consist of: presentation of the work in an exhibition, a lecture, in a TV broadcast, during an Award event, in a catalogue on video or DVD, accompanying printed materials and on the websites of The One Minutes and the project partners;

5. The One Minutes uses the movie as submitted, but is allowed to present the work without sound if needed;

6. The One Minutes foundation and its official partners could also allow third parties to use The One Minutes for similar activities;

7. In case these third parties pay revenues of broadcast or any other fee for authorship rights, these revenues will be given to the maker;

8. The maker could withdraw his/her permission to use the work at all times, provided that The One Minutes foundation and its official partners or third parties to whom The One Minutes foundation granted permission, cannot be asked to change activities which have been already realized, or are in a late preparatory state of organization;

9. The One Minutes foundation cannot use the work in any other way than as described above, unless with the explicit permission of the maker.

The filmmaker agrees to indemnify and hold harmless The One Minutes foundation, its officers, directors, employees, agents, distributors and its affiliates from and against any and all claims made by employees of the productions and any and all third-party claims arising from or in any way related to any copyrights, thereby expressly including the music rights. All costs arising out of or as a result of copyright claims by third parties are for the maker.

*non-commercial, i.e. being used for advocacy and educational purposes with no direct link to fundraising activities.

I have read and agree with the copyrights terms.

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