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Please use our online application form to submit your video. And pay attention to our technical requirements.

All videos can be selected for the one minutes series.

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Deep Blue: Somewhere deep down there lies the secret to a new beginning
by Arnar Ásgeirsson
Deadline: 24 August 2014

Surfers, oceanography, post-apocalyptic times, Vasco da Gama, Kevin Costner, SeaWorld, chess, plastic islands, sailors, chlorine, whale blubber, Costa Concordia, message in a bottle. The selected videos will be screened in a range of swimming pools in Reykjavik, Iceland during the Reykjavik International Film Festival (RIFF).

Open Call: Deep Blue

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Also you can just send in your One Minute.

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Make sure the title and
credits are in the 60 seconds.

The screening format is 16:9
(widescreen). If you cannot
provide your video in this
format we shall convert it.

Before you fill in one of our
entry forms, please pay
attention to the technical

All entries must be of broadcast quality.
We only accept HD formats

Format: 1080p25 or 1080i50
Frame Size: 1920x1080
Codec: AppleProRes 422
Frame rate: 25fps
Audio: 48KHz PCM stereo

For Windows users, there are free applications for converting to AppleProRes codec.

An alternative format is:
Bitrate: at least 15 mbit/s

We accept the following video-
file formats (high bitrate):
.mp4, .h264, .mov

The codecs that may be used:
MPEG4, h264, AppleProRes

For a quick upload we

If you don't have internet
please send us a data-DVD
containing your video to
the following address:

The One Minutes
Fred. Roeskestraat 98
1076 ED Amsterdam
The Netherlands